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Senator Rubio Tells Laura Ingraham The President’s Policies Are Scaring Job Creators

Jun 15, 2011 | Blog

Sen. Rubio: The President Is Scaring Job Creators
And Making Things Worse

Laura Ingraham: “What did you make of the
President’s outreach yesterday in Puerto Rico, and of course, the White House
is selling this as the President doing everything he can to encourage job
creation in the United States and highlight the good examples. It’s always
green jobs because apparently those are the only jobs that can be created in
the United States that are worth anything, according to them. But what was your
take on it?”

Senator Rubio: “I was in Puerto Rico a month ago
myself, and I can tell you what I found out, and that is they care about the
same things everybody here cares about. And that is jobs and economic growth.
The problem with the President is he doesn’t understand how jobs are created or
he doesn’t want to accept how jobs are created. They’re not created by the
President, they’re not created by United States Senators. Jobs are created by
Americans—hardworking, everyday people that go out and start a business or
expand an existing business. That’s how jobs are created. Government’s job is
to create an environment where it’s easier to do that. And his policies are not
making it easier to do that, and that’s why jobs aren’t being created. Because
his tax policy is threatening class warfare and tax increases, the regulatory
environment, the stuff going on with the labor issues and the unions,
ObamaCare—the litany of things that are happening since he’s taken over as President
is scaring job creators, and they’re deciding now’s not the time to create
jobs. And he doesn’t understand it, and that’s why his presidency has made
things worse here in America.”

Sen. Rubio: The President Should Not Be
Implementing Failed Economic Policies

Laura Ingraham: “Do you think he is not
understanding it, or do you think he understands it quite well, and this just
isn’t the path that he wants to take America down? I mean, he wants to take
America down a different path that’s maybe a little bit more based on a
European model, so which is it?”

Senator Rubio: “I will tell you this: there’s no
way you can look at the policies that this President has pursued and not reach
the conclusion that at least people in his administration do not buy into the
American free enterprise system, that they feel that somehow maybe the way the
other countries have done it is better. I don’t think history is on their side.
As I just told a group a moment ago, give me an example of a country that
embraced big government and found prosperity. Because there isn’t any, not in
history, and not in modern times. The truth is that we should not be
implementing the policies of countries that people come here to get away from.
And if you look at the direction and expansion of government’s role in our
economy, that this administration is pursuing, I think that’s the direction
they’re taking us, pretty clearly.”