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Senator Rubio teams with the Library of Congress to donate books to Florida

Jul 9, 2012 | Blog

This week my office shipped more than 200 books to Florida as part of the Library of Congress’ surplus books program. Hillsborough County Schools, the University of Central Florida, and the Plantation Key Senior Center have all received new additions to their libraries. It is my hope that each of these books is found to be an enriching addition to its new home.

With all of the technology in our lives today, it is easy to forget the power of literature to inspire, teach, and entertain. Library books continue to serve a valuable role in schools and universities, where students need a thorough and accessible selection of literature to aid them in their studies. I hope that each new book in these libraries is pulled off a shelf soon.

The Library of Congress’ surplus books program allows congressional offices to choose from a large selection of extra volumes, many of which are brand new, and have them shipped to nonprofit and educational institutions free of charge. To learn more about this program, visit the Library’s website here. If you are a member of a nonprofit facility interested in receiving books, please contact our office.