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Senator Rubio Comments on Cuba’s Travel Reform

Oct 17, 2012 | Blog

Cuba’s new travel policy falls well short of what the Cuban people truly desire, which is to live in freedom. The Castro regime’s announcement does nothing to address the history of repression and brutality that has been the norm inside the island for far too long. The Castro regime’s announcement simply re-shuffles the onerous requirements in the exit visa (known as a “white card”) and shifts its costs and restrictions to its passport issuance process.  The Castro regime will continue to pick and choose which of its citizens can enter and exit their own country.  Such restrictions are against international law, as specified in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.  This is simply a “bait and switch” distraction.
The reforms the Cuban people need are free elections, the liberation of all prisoners of conscience, press freedom, and an end to the 53 year nightmare of the Cuban people.