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Rubio Statement on Reports China Will End Forced Technology Transfers, Allow More Foreign-Owned Enterprises

Mar 8, 2019 | Comunicados de Prensa

Washington, D.C. U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) released the following statement in response to a report that Chinese officials claim China will end the forced transfer of technology and begin allowing “wholly foreign-owned enterprises in more fields” as a way to lure back foreign investors:
“For decades, China fooled the world into thinking they would be a responsible international partner. We must not let them fool us into thinking this new ‘law’ is anything other than a shiny object that will do nothing to stop Chinese state-directed actors’ continued assault on U.S. companies’ intellectual property and trade secrets. The Administration should continue to hold their leverage and increase pressure on China to secure a strong, enforceable deal. We cannot afford to waste this opportunity and risk losing this century’s most important, strategic, economic, and geopolitical competition. China must not be allowed to pursue policies that run directly counter to America’s national interest and their international commitments without facing due consequences.”
In an op-ed in The Washington Post on February 13, 2019, Rubio wrote that Chinese President Xi Jinping “clearly would like to de-escalate the trade conflict.” However, “efforts such as fast-tracking the passage of a foreign investment law next month, supposedly to address international alarm about China’s forced technology transfers and intellectual-property theft, are just shiny objects intended for the financial markets.”