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Rubio slams Obama over American reporter imprisoned in Iran

Dec 4, 2015 | NOTICIAS

Sen. Marco Rubio is slamming President Obama, saying he should have demanded the release of Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian in the nuclear talks.
“It is unacceptable that the Obama Administration missed an opportunity to make the freedom of Jason … a priority in its negotiations with Iran. Jason should not be behind bars for his profession as a journalist, and he should be released unconditionally,” the Florida Republican… said in a statement on Monday.
“Today, my thoughts and prayers are with the Rezaian family as the Iranian regime continues to use Jason as a pawn.”
Rubio’s remarks come after reports over the weekend that Rezaian, who was accused of espionage, has been sentenced to prison in Iran.
Republican lawmakers wanted to tie the release of three Americans currently being held in Iran, including Rezaian, to the nuclear deal, as well as require Tehran to recognize Israel’s right to exist. But Democrats, including those who otherwise oppose the Iran nuclear deal, blocked an attempt in the Senate.
The administration argues that the agreement should be focused only on Iran’s nuclear program, and not other areas of disagreement.
Rubio added on Monday that Rezaian’s prison sentence is “sickening.”

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