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Rubio Praises New WMD Sanctions Against North Korean Nationals Operating in Cuba, Russia, China

Apr 1, 2017 | Comunicados de Prensa

Washington, D.C.— U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) today praised the Trump Administration’s new round of sanctions‎ targeting a North Korean company as well as 11 North Korean nationals—including one operating in Cuba and others in Russia, China and Vietnam—for advancing the Kim regime’s illicit financial networks and weapons of mass destruction programs.  

“The Trump Administration took an important step in sanctioning North Korean nationals who are operating in Cuba, as well as in Russia and Asia, to advance the Kim regime’s illicit financial networks and its nuclear, chemical and missile programs,” said Rubio.  “Pyongyang’s enablers in the Castro regime should now be held fully accountable, especially after the Obama Administration failed to impose real consequences against Cuba’s July 2013 attempt to secretly ship 240 metric tons of missiles and other heavy weapons to North Korea in violation of a United Nations arms embargo.

“It’s critical for the White House and Congress to do more together to stop nuclear-armed North Korea from developing and deploying new missiles that can strike the American homeland,” Rubio added.