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Rubio On FOX News: E-Verify Essential To Stopping Illegal Immigration

Jun 18, 2013 | Comunicados de Prensa

Rubio: “We have to have some sort of E-Verify system and it has to be effective. We have to be able to say that it is going to be difficult, if not impossible, for illegal immigrants to come into the United States and find a job. Because if that’s not in place you’re going to continue to have illegal immigration.”

Excerpt of Interview on FOX News’ “Happening Now”
Senator Marco Rubio
June 18, 2013

FOX News’ Jenna Lee: “There have been some questions that have been raised, particularly over the last weekend or so about the immigration bill and issues of privacy and concerns from some of your colleagues that the expansion of an E-Verify system that exists in the immigration bill right now that is working its way in the Senate is an intrusion on privacy and is, in fact, a way for the federal government to create a national ID database. What’s the truth on that Senator Rubio?”

Rubio: “First off, that’s not the intent of it and that is not the way it should be used, and we should prevent and prohibit it from being used. Not just prohibit, but prevent it from being used for that purpose. I would remind, however, that many of the opponents of this bill are people that have been filing E-Verify bills or have been supporting E-Verify bills for a long time. And the reason is that we understand fundamentally that the driver of illegal immigration are jobs that are available in the United States. And the only way you’re going to cut that off successfully is by having a way for employers and requiring employers in a cost effective way to verify that the person that they are hiring is legally here. If you don’t do that, if we don’t have a way of doing that, then we’re going to have that magnet for illegal immigration still there.”