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Rubio Discusses Conservative Reforms With Hannity

Mar 5, 2014 | Comunicados de Prensa

Rubio: “Our challenge is to take our time-tested principles — free enterprise, limited government — and apply them to 21st century challenges.”

“The Sean Hannity Show”
March 4, 2014

Sean Hannity: “You know Senator, when I talk to you, when I talk to Ted Cruz, when I talk to Rand Paul, Mike Lee, you’re all brimming with great ideas, conservative solutions. […] ”

Senator Marco Rubio: “Yea, so it’s interesting. Just today, a poll came out, that showed the majority of Americans don’t believe the Republican Party is in touch with people’s everyday lives. Now that’s not because they think Republicans are too conservative. That’s the mainstream media talking point. It’s because we are not — the Republican brand — it seems oftentimes to just be arguing a different way of being more Democrat, and more government-related as opposed to innovative ideas that return us to the principles of free enterprise and individual responsibility and individual liberty — the kinds of things that people understand as a way to make their lives better. So the way for us to become more relevant, and that’s why you see this energy to be about these reform ideas, is because we recognize the challenges people face and their answers lie in our principles. And our challenge is to take our time-tested principles — free enterprise, limited government — and apply them to 21st century challenges. And our frustration, especially mine, seems to be that we’re not doing enough for that. We’re simply trying to figure out, ‘How can we manage our existing government programs better.’ That’s not enough.”

Rubio: “I think most people, what they would like to do is have a job that allows them to provide for their family, to live in peace and security, to be able to worship as they please and to leave their kids better off than themselves.  And they’re frustrated that right now, given the direction we’re going, that’s become harder.

“Conservatives have answers for that. And they don’t involve more spending and they don’t involve more government. They involve unleashing the power of free enterprise and giving people the skills they need, or allowing them to acquire the skills they need, to take advantage of that. I think if that’s our message, we’re going to win in places that would surprise you. I think if our message continues to be just like the Democrats, except for a couple little things, I don’t think that’s going to be enough. I think we need to be an alternative — a clear alternative — to the direction that they’ve taken us over the last five to six years.”