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ICYMI: Senator Rubio On The President’s Jobs And Debt Plan

Sep 20, 2011 | Blog

 Senator Marco Rubio

The Bud Hedinger Show

WFLA 540 AM (Orlando, FL)

September 20, 2011

Hedinger: “Well, it was pretty clear yesterday that the president didn’t want to get seriously into entitlement reform.  Your take on his call for a trillion and a half dollars in new taxes, Senator?”

Rubio: “Well, it goes contrary to what he himself said last December when he said that tax increases in the middle of a recession is the worst thing to do. So, I don’t think that plan yesterday, with all due respect, I mean I hate coming on and always being the guy bashing the president.  Let me just say that, with all due respect to the president, I think that the plan that he put out is really not a serious plan.  It is more of a political one designed to appease his base. Some of the things in there, some of the savings, for example, that he takes credit for aren’t real.  They’re phantom savings.”

Hedinger: “A trillion dollars on the war that won’t be spent.”

Rubio: “Yeah, whether that will really save money or not, you know, a Canada war.  Well, we weren’t planning to invade Canada so, what’s the point?  These kinds of things aren’t real. Then you look at some of the tax proposals that he offers up.  To me, it’s about job creation. The only solution to our debt problem happens to be the biggest problem in America, and that’s unemployment. One percent of economic growth would do more to solve this debt problem than all these cutting exercises combined.

“So, you know, that’s what we need to focus on, economic growth, getting people back to work. You have more people working, you have more people paying taxes, more people buying things, more economic activity.  It will be better for everybody. We’ve got to get people back to work, that means we got to give people confidence in investing in the economy, in the economic future. More regulations, more taxes and that message does not create confidence.”