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ICYMI: Senator Rubio Discusses the Middle East on Sky News

Feb 20, 2013 | Comunicados de Prensa

Senator Marco Rubio
Excerpts of Interview with Sky News
February 20, 2013
Full interview available here:  

Senator Marco Rubio: “What is most important of all is for Israel to know that the United States and the west is clearly in their corner. Working with them on their security – and of course this issue of Iran is predominant on that issue of their security.”  

Rubio: “It is difficult for Israel to engage in a peace process of the kind that everyone agrees we need, if they feel as insecure as they do right now and rightfully so. You see the instability in Egypt. You see what’s happening in Syria. You have concerns about Lebanon and Hezbollah. And of course you have concerns about the Iranian ambitions.  
“All these things make Israel much less secure. And it needs to look no further than the experience in Gaza a few years ago, where their unilateral retreat from Gaza lead to rockets and attacks.”