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ICYMI: Sen. Rubio Talks to Laura Ingraham About Religious Freedom Bill

Feb 2, 2012 | Comunicados de Prensa

Interview with “The Laura Ingraham Show”
Senator Marco Rubio
February 2, 2012

Rubio:  “I don’t know where he got his law degree from because one of the most cherished constitutional principles, in fact one of the cornerstone ones when this country was founded and framed through the Constitution, was the issue of religious freedom. And the notion that somehow the government of the United States could come in and not just force you to do it but, more importantly, force a religious organization to pay for something that religion teaches is immoral would be so beyond anything the framers could have imagined. And it’s exactly the kind of thing they wanted to prevent when they enshrined that protection in the Constitution.

“So, I think this action from the President is actually unconstitutional. I hope it will be challenged. But I hope before we get to that point, because it is my understanding based on press accounts that there was actually disagreement within his inner circle, I hope before we get to that point, I hope the administration will reconsider and realize that they have made a big, big mistake here.”