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ICYMI: Rubio Joins Spicer & Co.

Oct 28, 2021 | Comunicados de Prensa

Washington, D.C. — U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined Spicer & Co. to discuss the Biden Administration’s border policies, the supply chain backlog, the Democrats’ socialist spending bill, and more. See below for highlights and watch the video here


On the Biden Administration’s border policies: 

“I think the Administration has two things going on. The first is that they think that anything that Donald Trump did, they have to do the opposite ?even if it makes sense. I guess border security, for them, it doesn’t matter that it makes sense. 

“I feel terrible for people like [these migrants]. [They] just [want] a better life, but there has to be a process for people to come. When they believe, and rightfully, that if they get to America they’re going to be allowed to stay, because that’s what’s happening, more people are going to be encouraged to come. Not just the caravan they’re talking about ?that’s what the press is covering ?there’s thousands of other people headed here that are not part of that caravan that are coming through different ways, often at the hands of these terrible, inhumane, criminal trafficking networks. 

“…I actually believe that this Administration and these people on the far left that surround this Administration are among the group of people that believe there shouldn’t be any borders, that there should be the free flow of people and no impediment to the free flow of people. They give lip service to border security because they know the majority of American people are for it, but they have no real intention to ever enforce it.” 

On the lack of media coverage of the Biden border crisis: 

“Journalism in America is practically dead. All of the major news outlets have become the propaganda ministry for the governing party in this country, so they don’t hold any of these things to account. 

“If this was happening in the reverse, if this was, let’s say, a border crisis going on right now under a Trump Administration, they would largely blame it on the Trump Administration. The other thing they would be focusing on is the inhumane treatment [and] why are we sending people back. This time it’s kind of just being ignored. There’s been some coverage to it, but it’s been largely ignored at the scale and scope that we’re talking about. So it is hard to get it out there, but people are aware of it and this is going to continue to go on. 

“Just from Haiti alone, there are between 90,000 and 120,000 people in the Western Hemisphere in different countries outside of Haiti that are in some form of process trying to get here. That’s just from one country. 

“We’ve seen an uptick, frankly, from all over the world. The reason is simple: the word has gone out to as many people around the world as you can imagine that if you can arrive at the Southern border of the United States, you turn yourself into border agents, you may be detained for a couple weeks, but you will ultimately be released into the general population pending a court hearing that you probably won’t show up for. And once that word gets out, people start coming.”

On supply chain issues and Biden policy:

“The supply chain and inflation, none of these things are new…people have been warning about it. The inflation has been juiced up by hundreds of billions of dollars of additional government spending under the Biden Administration. One of the first things he did is pump hundreds of billions of more dollars into the economy. [The] supply chain was moving forward, we already saw that building in April and May, they denied it.

“If more of these things that we’re trying to buy were made in America or in countries closer to America, instead of China, we wouldn’t have the supply chain problem. We’ve got to focus on that, [President Biden is] not. 

“The other thing we’ve got to be focused on [are]these crazy laws in California, not enough coverage has been given to it. Independent truckers, as an example, will not go into California and haul things out because you have to be an employee of a California company, you have to pay income tax for the day that you’re working there. What independent trucker in their right mind is going to consistently go to California, become an employee of a California company, and subject themselves to California income tax for the day that they’re there? They are not going to do it [And] apart from [that], we have a trucker shortage in this country. But Biden won’t say or do anything about that because he’d have to take on the radical left wing which controls his party, which they rely on for fundraising and door knocking, and all the activism. California is the model woke state and it’s now hurting the country as a result.”

On President Joe Biden’s meeting with the Pope: 

“The Pope has made clear what the church’s teachings are. The Pope doesn’t have the authority to change those teachings, and he has no intention to in my opinion. Abortion is murder. I don’t know what the Pope is going to raise when he meets with President Biden in private. I imagine that on the public agenda, they will discuss things like climate change and migrants and things of this nature around the world. I get that the function of the church is different…. I don’t know what he’ll raise privately. 

“I am very concerned about the church, and not just the Catholic Church, but faith communities in the United States, are being targeted to not speak out about these issues here in our country. As an example, as part of this bill [the Democrats] are trying to put out there, there is going to be a federal takeover of Pre-K and Child Care. What it’s going to say, according to the House bill they’ve already passed on this, is if you are a faith based organization and want to participate in what will be a universal Pre-K and Child Care federal program, you won’t be able to teach about your faith and you cannot apply the teachings of your faith to your hiring practices. So if someone shows up and they’re an atheist, you have to hire them. If someone shows up in they’re anti-Catholic and you’re a Catholic school, you  can’t discriminate on the basis of that, not to mention if they’re transsexual or living a lifestyle that goes contrary to the teachings of the church.

“I hope things like that, religious liberties in the United States, are an issue that the Pope will raise when he meets with the President. Whether he does it privately or publicly. And of course, I hope he also raises the issue of life because it’s a predominantly important issue. It’s not a political issue. It’s a moral issue. I do hope he raises it. I don’t know if he will.”

On Biden’s radical spending package: 

“What [Democrats are] creating here is the equivalent of a federal property tax. They’re going to force people to pay taxes on the value of something they own, not when they sell that, but because they own it. Let’s say you’re a billionaire and you have an art collection, they’re going to force you to value the art collection and they’re going to force you to pay, over a period of time, the unrealized gains from that art,the value of it, like property taxes[but] it will be a federal one.

“Here’s the problem with that… First, you have to hire an army of agents at the IRS to do appraisals on who owns what, how much is it worth, and how much do you owe [the government]. The second thing is, once you set up what is the equivalent of a federal property tax, welltoday it’s on billionaires, but what about in a couple of years when they need a trillion dollars more to pay for the debt that they’re running? They just keep going down the income scale. 

“Once you create these taxes, you can start applying it down until you reach as many people as you need to in order to get the money. That’s their goal. They start with the billionaires, but they’re not going to end there because it won’t generate the revenue they need. They’re going to keep going down. They’ll say what about the multi-millionaires? What about the millionaires? What about the people making $450,000? They’ll keep going down until they generate enough money down the road. That’s what their goal here is – to put in place these socialist programs that they know will never be repealed.”