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ICYMI: Rubio Joins Jesse Watters Primetime

May 31, 2023 | Comunicados de Prensa

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined Jesse Watters Primetime to discuss James Comey’s press tour criticizing Donald Trump, the Healthy SNAP Act, and more. See below for highlights and watch the full interview on YouTube y Rumble.

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On James Comey’s press tour criticizing Donald Trump:
“These guys have done more damage to the FBI, to the CIA, to our intelligence agencies than any foreign power ever could…. [James Comey’s] pitching a book. But here’s what’s more important than that: this is a revolving door thing. You get to the end of your government service, and you realize…you want to be on corporate boards. You want to be on the speaker circuit, you want to sell books…. You want to be an analyst on some of these news stations. You have to do things. You have to act a certain way. 
“There are things that [elite institutions] need you to do on your way out to cleanse yourself and to be put on there as an expert. That’s why over and over again, you see people doing that, whether it’s generals about to retire going woke, or whether it’s FBI directors. This is how you get hired. This is how you get money. This is how you can monetize your previous government service: by becoming a voice that uses your previous service to give you the credibility and the standing to go on these shows and sell your book or be on a corporate board or get on the speaker circuit. 
“It’s doing tremendous damage to the country, tremendous damage to these institutions. The FBI is an important law enforcement institution. Its field agents do important work every day, breaking up child trafficking rings and the like. But you’ve got a leadership of people…, not just there, but in other agencies [too], that are looking for the next payday when they leave government service. And to do that, you’ve got to be invited to the right parties and be invited to be a member of polite society. And to do that, you’ve got to be anti-Republican, especially anti-Trump.”
On former intelligence officials’ opposition to the Hunter Biden story:
“This is a country where people have a right to say whatever they want. [If] they want to put a letter out there, they can. The problem with these guys is they are utilizing their previous service in government to say, we are former intelligence officials, not current ones, former ones, and all of us agree this is Russian disinformation. Do you know what happened as a result of that? A total news blackout on what we now know to be a very legitimate news story. 
“That laptop was real. The information on there was real. But it was not part of the debate in October of 2020 because every major news outlet and Facebook and Twitter refused to allow it to be disseminated or discussed, and they blacked it out. That letter was a big part of it. That letter is what gave them the credibility to say, this is Russian disinformation…. Now the guys are wrong. The only accountability now has to be to their reputations. The next time they say something, we shouldn’t believe them.”
On the senator’s Healthy SNAP Act:
“I don’t think food stamps should be used to buy food that not only has no nutritional value but we actually know is contributing to a serious problem. I don’t want to ban those things. I don’t want to make it illegal to buy Mountain Dew or any of these things. You can buy it all you want. [But] the government shouldn’t be buying it. Especially when we know that communities that have a disproportionate number of people on food stamps also have a disproportionate level of diabetes, of health conditions, of heart disease, and the like.”
On junk food lobbyists’ opposition to the senator’s SNAP reforms:
“These lobbyists are not who I work for. I’m not trying to ban their product. I’m not trying to make it illegal to drink Mountain Dew. I’m not trying to make it illegal to buy chips. I’m just saying that we shouldn’t have government-funded programs paid for by taxpayers funding what is already acknowledged to be a healthcare crisis in this country. You can’t buy alcohol and cigarettes with [food stamps]. If you listen to the surgeon general and others…, obesity is as deadly in America today as cigarettes and alcohol have been, in terms of the long-term implications that it’s having on the health care of our country. It’s very simple. I don’t want to make it illegal to buy any of this stuff. I just don’t want it to be legal to use food stamps to pay for it.”