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ICYMI: Rubio Joins Jesse Watters Primetime

Sep 13, 2022 | Comunicados de Prensa

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined Jesse Watters Primetime to discuss the ongoing crises made worse by the Biden Administration. See below for highlights and watch the full interview here.

watters primetime

On the Biden Administration gaslighting the American people about the border crisis:
“[White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre] said, ‘Oh, [the Trump Administration] couldn’t even finish the wall.’ They couldn’t finish the wall because Democrats wouldn’t vote for the funding. They literally would not approve a dollar more. They called the wall a racist idea. 
“At the end of the day, it’s not just the migrants that are coming across…. Most people will just turn themselves in, because they know if you turn yourself in, you’re going to be allowed to stay in the country or be given a work permit. You’ll be told, ‘Show up in 10 years or five years for your asylum hearing.’ But some people don’t [turn themselves in]. Those are the ones you got to worry about, because why aren’t they turning themselves in? 
“You’ve seen some of those images of the got-aways. Just the other day there was a drone that was flying over, and within an hour or so, hundreds of people crossed [the border]. 
“It’s also the drugs. We’ve got an uncontrolled flow of drugs across the U.S. border, and it’s killing people in cities all across this country. This administration has the face to send the vice president on television and say, ‘Well, the border is secure, or at least to the extent that we’re trying.’ They’re not trying. They’re actively and openly inviting people to come here illegally.”
On James Taylor’s performance at the White House’s Inflation Reduction Act event: 
“I’m going to be honest, I don’t know a lot about James Taylor. I guess he’s won some awards and sold a lot of records…. But I’m actually embarrassed for the guy. They ask him to come and play his guitar on the day where they’re announcing this Inflation Reduction [Act] garbage. 
“In fact, it’s the day when we got this report that food prices, just food prices, are the highest they’ve been since 1979. Baby food is up. Everything is up. People living in the real world know it. I think they look at something like what happened [at the White House] today and you get angered by it, or you feel embarrassed for James Taylor playing the guitar on the lawn of the White House. I’m embarrassed for them.”