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ICYMI: Rubio Joins Hannity

May 20, 2024 | Comunicados de Prensa

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined Hannity to discuss his confrontation with election-denier hypocrisy in the legacy media and the latest on the Trump trial. Watch the full interview on YouTube y Rumble.                                                                                               

On election-denier hypocrisy in the legacy media:

“Most people have forgotten [the Democrats denied elections]. It isn’t widely reported. There certainly wasn’t a string of repeated interviews in which every Democrat was asked these questions. 

“I think we need to understand what’s happening right at this very moment. There are Democrats right now that are toying with the idea [of denying the results of the election]. There was a piece in the Atlantic [to that effect]. Some are toying with it, with this whole notion that if Trump wins, they will refuse to certify, because they’re going to argue that he is an insurrectionist and therefore ineligible to hold office, and that will be grounds to throw out the electors of these states and so forth. They’re already talking about that. 

“I think it’s important to point out that [Democrats] should be the ones that are asked [if they will accept the results of the election.] I would say 12, maybe 13 Democrats have appeared on Meet the Press in the last year under this host. Not a single one of them has been asked the question of whether they will accept the election if Trump wins. No matter what, they’re never asked that question. They need to be asked that question, because they’re the ones who have disputed the credibility and the legitimacy of every Republican presidential win since 2000.”

On the left-wing bias in the Trump trials: 

“The trial is a national embarrassment. The whole world is watching this thing and wondering, ‘What’s happened to America?’ America used to put sanctions on countries that did this kind of thing. 

“Then, you have Michael Cohen. Michael Cohen is like the Fredo character in the movie El Godfather. He’s desperate, and he feels like there are others who are more impressive. So, he wants to have something of his own. He ends up betraying his family and almost getting people killed in the process. That’s Michael Cohen…. All the people he used to work with over at the Trump Organization are now in the White House, and he’s been left out, and he’s miserable about that. So, he’s desperate to go out and see what he can invent on his own, to try to impress Donald Trump and try to get himself back in. That’s what’s coming across here. Not to mention the fact that the guy is an admitted, convicted serial liar and apparently, now, also a thief who stole money from the Trump Organization….

“This whole thing is a disaster…. The leading candidate for president of the Republican Party [is] standing trial in a courtroom [with] a judge who’s an open Biden supporter, a prosecutor who’s an open Biden supporter, and a jury drawn from the most liberal county in America, and somehow, that’s a fair trial. [And it’s] on ridiculous charges…. There’s only one person on earth that would ever face charges like this, and it [is] Donald Trump. It’s the only person they would ever charge with any of this.”