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ICYMI: Rubio Joins Bill Hemmer on Special Report

Jun 24, 2021 | Comunicados de Prensa

Washington, D.C. — U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined Bill Hemmer on Fox News’ Special Report to discuss President Joe Biden’s plan to slow the current uptick in violent crime across the nation, Vice President Kamala Harris’s upcoming trip to the southern border, and more.See below for highlights and watch the video here

On President Joe Biden’s new plan to stop the current crime wave: 
“Guns are being used, but the real target should be the criminals. It’s the criminals who are stealing guns and selling them in the streets to one another and committing these acts of violence. What we have seen all over the country, just in the last few months, are really things out of a Hollywood movie except it’s real and it’s tragic. Shoot-outs on highways… and I think it’s the inevitable consequence of when you take crazy, nonsensical ideas and get elected on them and try to implement them into policy or at least create the perception you’re going to create policy based on them. And the result is this and the migratory crisis on the border and other things. The ideas these people have are nuts. And when you elect people who have these ideas, it almost encourages and incentivizes these terrible outcomes.”
On the Biden administration’s plan to send “strike teams” to major cities: 
“I think it’s better than nothing, we have to see how it’s structured, but at the end one of the most important things we should have done and continue to do is support local law enforcement. We have a major brewing crisis in American law enforcement. You see the numbers in many cities, people taking retirement, I personally know a number of law enforcement officers who are seeking now to get on the retirement pathway. They have the opportunity to retire in the state of Florida through a program called DROP, many of them are just forgoing that and retiring at a certain age and getting out. And I think the other place we have to keep an eye on now is the academies. For the life of me, I don’t know why — how anybody could be encouraged to go into law enforcement given the rhetoric that’s surrounded that profession for the better part of a couple years. 
“We have a brewing crisis where I think it’s going to get harder and harder to keep highly trained, highly competent police officers on the job and it’s going to be hard to bring good people into the job moving forward.”
On Vice President Kamala Harris’ trip to the southern border: 
“I don’t know why they chose El Paso, it’s not the epicenter of the crisis. It’s closer to McAllen and areas of that nature. Irrespective, what they are going to see is what they created…  
“I don’t care what anybody tells you, I don’t care what rhetoric you hear. I know people who have relatives in Central America, and the message they got in November of last year, and in January when Joe Biden was sworn in, was there’s a new administration, they are going to do everything the opposite of Trump, there will be no wall. 
“Some of the first actions they took were on immigration in terms of deferring deportation of people who may have been in jail. New asylum processes, getting rid of ‘Stay in Mexico’ policies – all of this sends a message, and that is, things have changed and  it’s going to be easier to get in. And trafficking networks took advantage of it. They recruited people to go on these trips by telling them, ‘it’s going to be easier to go in, easier to stay, especially if you bring a child, and that’s what we are getting now.”
“[Democrats] don’t want to highlight the border, it’s a very sensitive topic in the far radical fringe of their own base, there are people at the base of the Democratic party who think there should be no border – people show up and we should allow them in. People argue that. In fact, Vice President Harris, when she was running for President, basically made the argument that we shouldn’t be turning people away who are arriving in the U.S. looking for help. 
“Any visit to the border, and any visit that highlights not just the crisis, but any efforts to stop the flow, is going to be controversial in the base of their own party. When she went to Guatemala and said, ‘do not come’, that’s the opposite of what she said for months while running for President. But when she said that, there were people in her own party that went bonkers about that, because that’s not their attitude. Their attitude is if you show up, you get to stay. There are people who believe in that and they are very active in the Democratic party.” 
On whether the Biden administration will thoroughly investigate the origins of COVID-19: 
“I don’t know if they will, and I don’t know if anybody can, but I don’t even know if they’re going to try. Because in order to really try you’ve got to use all these friends that you claim to have in Europe and around the world to put pressure on China to say, ‘Open up your labs.’ 
“Because this isn’t just about finding out about COVID, okay? It’s not just about COVID. The experiments that could have led to a lab leak — which is just as likely as if it was naturally transmitted — those experiments are happening now on other viruses. We could have another pandemic, we could have another lab leak of some sort of a virus in the future, and it could be far deadlier than COVID was. 
“Those experiments are going on now, without any ethical restraints, without the proper security — they’re hiding it, and they will hide it. That’s what totalitarian regimes do. So it’s really important they make it a priority. It’s only going to happen if the rest of the world joins us, but you’ve got to rally that, and [President Biden] is not doing that.”