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ICYMI: Rubio In Panama City: Choice Is Between Defunding ObamaCare Or Hurting Seniors

Aug 14, 2013 | Comunicados de Prensa

Excerpt from Bay County Chamber Of Commerce Roundtable On ObamaCare
Senator Marco Rubio
Panama City, FL
August 13, 2013

Senator Marco Rubio: “My Mom’s on Medicare Advantage. It’s actually the only choice program in the Medicare program that actually allows you to shop between different insurance companies, and they compete on the basis of quality and price. You know, they fight for your business every year. One will say, ‘We offer free transportation.’ The other guy says, ‘We cover all the drug costs.’ So they compete for your business. … One of the things the law does is it takes a tremendous amount of money out of the Medicare Advantage program, not to fund Medicare or to make Medicare more solvent, but to fund the health care law. And so you’re going to see benefit reductions in Medicare for people under Medicare Advantage. You could potentially, in some places in the country, see carriers drop out of the Medicare Advantage, and you’re going to start to hear from Medicare Advantage patients on that as well. Right now the carriers are under a gag order by the Department [of Health and Human Services]. They’re not allowed to inform their clients – their patients – of that. But they’re going to get a benefit letter here soon and it’ll explain to them, ‘This year you used to get X, Y and Z but you don’t get that anymore.’ And people are going to start to be upset about that as well.”