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ICYMI: Rubio Explains How Beijing Controls TikTok

Jan 23, 2023 | Comunicados de Prensa

TikTok, other social media controlled by our enemies must be banned now. We can’t wait any longer
U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)
January 23, 2023
Fox News

…On the surface, TikTok appears to be just an app for making funny, engaging videos…. [But it is] also an extremely effective tool for disseminating ideas and information…[and] one of the largest treasure troves of U.S. consumer data in the world.
In the 21st century, ideas, information, and data can be weaponized quickly and without the knowledge of those targeted. There are few groups more ready and willing to do this than the Chinese Communist Party….
[China’s] Strategic Support Force (SSF) researchers have published papers and dissertations on how to identify internet users across different social media networks and automate propaganda dissemination on the web…. Remember that whoever has access to and controls TikTok can influence all of the app’s users…. No one should entrust Xi’s psy-ops warriors with that privilege.
Another source of danger is the Ministry of State Security (MSS), China’s premier spy agency and secret police force. Analyst Adam Kozy reports that Beijing has specifically tasked the MSS with “synthesizing big data for targeting operations”….
[TikTok] data is [already] being used to track reporters, censor references to the genocide in Xinjiang, and suppress votes for political candidates who are tough on Beijing. It is even pushing young teens toward self-harm. Things will only get worse as the Party’s ability to weaponize technology advances….
We cannot afford to ignore the national security threat posed by his access to our data. Congress has a bipartisan bill to ban social media apps that are controlled by foreign adversaries, including TikTok. Now we just need to find the leadership and political will in Washington to act.

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