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ICYMI: Rubio: China Is Complicit in Russia’s War on Ukraine

Mar 21, 2022 | Comunicados de Prensa

China is complicit in Russia’s war on Ukraine
U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)
March 18, 2022
Washington Post

… With China’s support for Putin’s bogus excuses for invading Ukraine…, CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping has once again made his strategic objective clear: dismantle democracies and replace them with authoritarian regimes to undermine, and eventually supplant, the U.S.-led world order….
At the Winter Olympics in Beijing, Putin and Xi announced a “no limits” partnership to deepen their cooperation — likely a veiled reference to the impending attack on Ukraine. More damning, the New York Times reports, China told Russia to refrain from invading until after the Olympics, which is exactly what happened…. Even though Putin’s troops are now clearly committing war crimes in Ukraine, Beijing refuses to condemn them.
This is yet another display of how little the CCP’s word is worth. China’s foreign minister paid lip service to Ukraine’s “sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity” at the Munich Security Conference right before the invasion. For decades, Beijing has claimed it espouses “non-interference” in other countries’ “internal affairs.” And the CCP consistently denies the validity of what it considers “separatist” movements in Taiwan, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Hong Kong and Xinjiang. By supporting Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in “defense” of Russian-speaking separatists, Beijing has abandoned its supposed principles in favor of ruthless opportunism….
[T]he United States and its European allies must resist perceiving China as a potential “tamer” of Putin, as the CCP might have us do. For many years, the free world has tried, in vain, to persuade Beijing to “tame” North Korea — this time will be no different….
Starved of funds from Europe and the United States, Russian banks are pinning their hopes on a lifeline from China’s financial system…. We cannot let this happen — which is why I have introduced a bill that would impose sanctions on any Chinese bank that attempts to help Putin escape the penalties for waging war on Ukraine….
Xi hopes to reap the benefits of a “no limits” partnership with a dictator whose military bombs hospitals y slaughters civilians. To protect our national and economic security, we must ensure that Xi and the CCP pay a price for that partnership.
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