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ICYMI: Rubio Condemns Weak Response to Pro-Abortion Terrorism

Jun 17, 2022 | Comunicados de Prensa

Pro-Abortion Terrorism Is Sweeping the Nation—and Our Leaders Are Ignoring It
U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)
June 17, 2022
Washington Stand

…For the past 30 days, [pro-abortion extremists called Jane’s Revenge] have urged people across the country to firebomb, vandalize, and harass pro-life activists and institutions. So far, roughly 50 such attacks have occurred….

We have reached a point where political violence is becoming mainstream, largely but not solely because our leaders ignore it. Just look at liberals’ reaction—or lack thereof—to pro-abortion terrorism….

National chaos is exactly what the person who leaked a Supreme Court opinion draft overturning Roe v. Wade was hoping for. The leak itself was an act of lawlessness…. But it was also a signal for outside activists to plot their attacks….

Over a month later, vicious mobs still surround and intimidate conservatives like Brett Kavanaugh (and his wife and children) on a daily basis…. It doesn’t matter that intimidating justices is illegal. Liberal politicians have encouraged the protests[,]…as has the Biden administration….

That a deranged lunatic conspired against Kavanaugh’s life…is not surprising. Nor, sadly, is it surprising that people are targeting pregnancy centers and houses of worship across the country. Nevertheless, the lack of attention this insanity has received is appalling.

Imagine a world where pro-life activists declared “open season” on their opponents…. There would be outrage, wall-to-wall news coverage, and maybe even primetime congressional hearings…. But because Jane’s Revenge is made up of pro-abortion activists, the president, the media, and the Democrat-run Congress would rather look the other way.

We don’t know what will happen if Roe is finally overturned…. No matter what happens, though, leading liberals will have a lot to answer for. Their willful ignorance and even encouragement of pro-choice extremism cannot go unnoticed.

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