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ICYMI: Miami Herald: Biden Should Consult Rubio on China Threat

Feb 8, 2023 | Comunicados de Prensa

At State of Union, Biden said he won’t tolerate Chinese spying. He should consult Florida’s Rubio.
Editorial Board
February 8, 2023
Miami Herald

An emboldened President Biden…issued a stern warning. “Make no mistake: as we made clear last week, if China threatens our sovereignty, we will act to protect our country. And we did.” Florida’s Sen. Marco Rubio, vice chairman of the Senate intelligence committee, rightly disagrees…. [W]e trust that Rubio has a deeper understanding of the threat China poses to the United States….

Rubio…made the rounds on Sunday-morning talk shows to question why the Chinese balloon was not downed once discovered and why the American public was not informed sooner about a runaway balloon flying overhead? As we enter this stage of fractured diplomacy, Rubio’s input should be taken seriously. Not only because of his position on the intelligence committee, but also because the actions of communist and totalitarian governments are his wheelhouse.

Rubio suggested on Sunday that [the balloon incident] might be “intentional and symbolic” by the Chinese…. “They want to send a message to the world that anyone can enter U.S. air space without the U.S. being able to do much about it,” Rubio said on ABC’s “This Week.” He has a point. Why were Americans not told of this latest balloon sooner, but days after it was spotted?

Even his critics agree Rubio is an expert who has honed his skills by observing for decades the autocratic leaders of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, in addition to Russia and China. We think the Biden administration should find him worth listening to.

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