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ICYMI: Blue Angels Grounded Thanks To Political Stunts

Jul 15, 2013 | Comunicados de Prensa

FOX News’ America’s Newsroom with Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum
Commentary by The Wall Street Journal’s Stephen Moore
July 15, 2013

FOX News’ Bill Hemmer: “The skies over Pensacola Beach were unusually quiet over the weekend with the Blue Angels grounded due to budget cuts and sequestration. Florida Senator Marco Rubio, he’s hot about this, says the cancellation of the Blue Angels season is not only painful for Pensacola, but it’s symbolic of a government that has its priorities out of order.

“Rubio is hot on fire on this. But it seems to be that you can take the Blue Angels, think about the cut backs with the Blue Angels – no more shows for now – and really make this bigger in terms of the symbolism for how the federal government made these decisions on what to cut and where.”

WSJ’s Stephen Moore: “Everybody loves to go see the Blue Angels and it actually is a kind of dedication to the great military prowess that we have in this country. I find it to be somewhat of a kind of ploy, a stunt if you will by the Obama administration to again bring pressure on Congress.”

Hemmer: “You don’t make the right priorities. That’s the point that Rubio’s making here.”

Moore: “And he’s exactly right about that. I mean, this is something that I think is very popular with the public. It builds support for our military and there are so many other ways you can cut billions of dollars of waste in the Pentagon budget.”