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Honoring Our Veterans

Nov 9, 2012 | Blog

As our nation pauses to recognize Veterans Day, my wife Jeanette and I stand with all Americans in honoring those who have served in our armed forces. To the more than 20 million veterans living in the United States today, including the 1.6 million in Florida alone, we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude. It is because of the strength and valor of these men and women that the American people enjoy rights that have been so rare throughout the history of mankind, including the freedom to live our lives under the light of liberty, in a peaceful homeland, unbound by fear of oppression. 

Throughout our history, America’s veterans have met and defeated countless forces that have wished us ill, allowing our freedom to grow, prosper and spread as a model for the world. But as we reflect on the legacy of our veterans, we are also reminded of the families that have sacrificed greatly to ensure that their achievements were possible. The strength and support of our military families is a vital part of our national defense, and we proudly honor these families today.

Veterans Day also allows us an opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices of the Armed Service members currently serving at home and abroad. These men and women face enemies that are filled with disdain for our nation’s guiding principles, yet each night we are able to put our children to bed with the knowledge that we are secure and safe, guarded by Americans of the highest honor and the greatest courage. We thank these men and women for their service, and we pray for the success of their mission and safe return home.

Americans in uniform have always stood as a paragon of selflessness, courage and devotion, and as such are an extraordinary example to their countrymen. So on this Veteran’s Day, I encourage all Americans to join together in wishing our veterans, active service members and their friends and family a peaceful, meaningful Veterans Day. May God bless all of our veterans, and may God bless America.