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Celebrating Israel’s Independence

May 10, 2011 | Blog

I join Israel’s millions of friends around the world in celebrating this 63rd anniversary of Israel’s independence.

For over six decades, Israel’s positive impact has extended far beyond its borders. With less than one percent of the world’s population, the Israeli people’s entrepreneurial spirit continue to make remarkable contributions to its own society and the world in such areas as art, science, business, technology and education, among others.

As we celebrate Israel’s independence, we must acknowledge this occasion comes on the heels of the country’s national day of remembrance for its fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism.

Israel’s vigorous and true democracy is a beacon of hope in the Middle East, and we must always support her right to secure and defend its territory and people. I strongly support our nation’s long-standing and strong friendship with Israel that is based on shared cultural and democratic values.

In celebrating Israel’s independence, we honor its proud history while recognizing the challenges we must face together. I join millions worldwide in expressing my solidarity with the Jewish people and wish them a joyful and blessed Yom Ha’atzmaut.